Edward A. Singer

About me


I am retired from a fifty year career of military service, computer engineering (hardware and software), business, consulting, and research.  I have been working with computer systems since 1959, have launched several successful software products, been responsible for the research and development of several large world-wide I.T. systems.

In retirement I keep my mind and body active by continuing my interest in doing research at the national archives in an amazing variety of subject areas.  Every new research project that I do offers an exciting opportunity to learn something new and you are the beneficiary of my interest in taking on these projects with high energy and interest.  All of my clients have been extremely happy with my research work and I would like to invite you to be my next client.

Contact me at my email which is edward.a.singer@gmail.com 

    My approach

    I leave no stone unturned when I take you on as a client. Depending on your needs, I will work with you to deliver:

    • Do the research required to find the material you are looking for
    • Work within your budget and discuss ways for you to save money on your project
    • Select the media that best meets your needs
    • Work on a time schedule that best meets your needs