Edward A. Singer

My services

Bring "Researcher Experience" to help you find your stuff.

     I offer a range of consulting services--all designed to help you to find the material that you need and to help you get good working copies of those materials.

     You can describe to me what you are trying to find and I can do the basic research to find your materials or, possibly, you may already have the reference and you only require me to pull the documents and copy them.

     After I find the material that you are seeking, I can send you a summary by email or discuss it with you on the telephone and we can determine what parts of the materials you need to have copied and what is the best media to be most useful to you.

     I will pull the information and copy it by whatever media we agree and I can send it to you in any of many possible formats

  • provide digital images of the pages in appropriate digital format and attach these images to email so that you may view them immediately and decide if the format will work for you.
  • Original scans and camera work is done in a very high definition format so that it can be brought into your computer and zoomed up to whatever resolution you require.  often a very old document with faded print can be easily read when zoomed up to 10X or so.
  • A lower resolution copy of the file can be sent attached to email to ensure it is what you want and the high definition file can be put in a high bandwidth dropbox or mailed or FedEx delivered to you on a DVD.
  • If information is required by an international client, it can be digitally transmitted to save on the long processing times often required to send by package delivery where it must be processed by various customs services.
  • if a multi-page document is scanned, it can be captured in a .PDF format and delivered to you as a single file for the entire document.
  • Raw camera captures will be cropped and digitally enhanced for best use of space and for beat readability (especially for very old documents which are often faded and very hard to read).
  • And, lastly, I can discuss your format requirement with you and we can work out how I can deliver it in exactly the format that is most useful to you.

Here are some of the ways your information can be collected:

  • Text documents scanned to digital images
  • multiple page documents scanned as a .pdf
  • Individual pages scanned as .jpeg image files
  • Individual pages, maps, etc. captured by digital camera and delivered to you as .jpeg files
  • Text documents copied to paper on copier
  • Microfilm documents copied to paper or captured by digital camera and delivered as page files
  • Large format maps, pictures, or documents captured by digital camera
  • Various special purpose formats captured
  • Archived motion pictures captured
  • If you have a requirement for a very fast turn-around, I can possibly work to get it to you in one or two days.

Here are some of the ways your finished product can be delivered:

  • Images prepared in digit format such as a .PDF file or a .JPEG file and attached to an email sent directly to you.
  • Printed copier paper records mailed or FedEx delivered to you.
  • High volume data captured in very high definition files which can be put on a DVD, CD, or any other media you specify and mailed or FedEx delivered to you.
  • High volume data captured in high definition and sent to you in an Internet "drop box" or delivered to you by FTP.
  • You name it.

Past and present clients are my best form of advertising. Upon request, I can provide you with some references that can discuss with you what I was able to do for them.